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Bonus Slots: A Little Extra. Slots are some of the most popular games that are offered by casinos.

So much so, that these games tend to dominate a game room floor in terms of number of games and prominent locations. In an effort to attract even more players, casinos offer bonus slots as well. Bonus slots add a little extra excitement and fun to a player’s gaming efforts.

The basic principle of slots has not changed. The idea is to match up a set of spinning reels to a winning combination of symbols. However, in an effort to expand interest in the game and draw in more players, casinos have introduced bonus slots as an added set of features to many slot games. Bonus slots provide players with the opportunity to win larger and more valuable prizes.

Bonus slots are virtually identical to other forms of slots. The difference is that bonus slots have an additional means to win. This usually amounts to a bonus round if players qualify through normal game play. Generally, once a player’s manages to qualify for a bonus round (which is a form of extended play), they are guaranteed to walk away with a prize of some sort.

There are some pros and cons to bonus slots, as one could well imagine. Because bonus slots provide players with an additional opportunity to walk away a winner, there is a lower chance of attaining a winning spin in regular game play. With this in mind, players should adjust their playing strategy accordingly. In fact, if players are not interested in trying to play enough to qualify for the bonus rounds; then bonus slots are probably not the best slotting choice. Additionally, players who want to qualify for the bonus round should be aware of what exactly is required to do so.

For many bonus slots, there are specific betting requirements that have to be met. For example, many slots offer multiple paylines. In many instances, players will be required to play every available line in order to qualify for any large prizes. If a player were to play less lines then they are required, they would not be eligible for the major payout. As such, players should make a point of reviewing the pay table in order to be cognizant of all the game play requirements.

Bonus slots also have a variety of different types of bonus features. There is the second screen bonus, bonus spins, hold reel bonus, the wheel of fortune bonus and others. These bonus features have different ways of winning and various play requirements as well.

Bonus slots, overall, offer players an additional level of fun and excitement. Casinos and other gaming venues are always searching for ways to make their existing slate of games more attractive to players. Bonus slots are one such endeavor. Players appreciate bonus slots and any endeavor that provides them with the opportunity to win cash and prizes. For these reasons and more, players continue to seek out bonus slots for the opportunity to engage in exciting and lucrative slotting action.