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Cinerama Slot Game Review at Win Slots Online.Net

Cinerama Slot game : Experience Hollywood! Playtech Progressive slot machine game "Cinerama" review by Win Slots Online.Net

One of more impressing Casino Online games is the Cinerama Slot Game, whereby a player is launched wholly into the Hollywood Scene.

Cinerama Slot Machine Game

The Cinerama Slot Game is a video machine that has five spinning reels from which to form your winning combinations and five pay lines. For every coin that you insert into the machine, you enable another pay line to be open to you. When the reels stop, the computer checks the combinations of symbols along each enabled pay line bet.

The Cinerama Slot game is a progressive game from the known and trusted company Playtech has a Wild symbol, a Movie Director Bonus Feature, Box Office Bonus Feature and a Progressive Jackpot inherent. The Progressive Jackpot is only available to be used by Real Money Account users. The Cinerama slot Game has a fixed value at $ 0.05 per line bet.

Created in likeness to the huge silver screen spread of a movie theatre, the machine exudes class. Even the reels are present on film strips. As far as attention to detail goes, this machine has it all. The player makes bets at a fixed rate of five cents and a player has the option to wager as many as even five nickels. However, you need to bet a minimal twenty-five cents to be able to hit the Progressive jackpot on the Cinerama Slot Game, you must be flexible enough to go all out to win serious cash through this glamorous machine!

The Cinerama Slot game progressive jackpot starts at fifteen hundred dollars, but can return sixty thousand bucks at the minimum. Therefore, most players love to make wagers at the Cinerama Slot Game than the other regular machines.

However, the player also needs to keep in mind that he/she will be paid out for the highest winning combination on enabled pay lines only and that all regular winning combinations will pay out from left to right. The Director and Headphone symbols do not need to appear specifically on an enabled pay line. All of the Bonus game wins are added to a player’s pay line wins.

In the Cinerama Slot Game, the Projector symbol is a wild symbol. This means that the Projector symbol can be used to replace other symbols for a player to complete a winning combination. However, the Projector symbol cannot be substituted for the Director symbol or to activate the Movie Director Bonus Feature game and also does not substitute for the Headphone symbol or to activate the Box Office Bonus Feature game.

The Movie Director Bonus Feature and Box Office Bonus Features are to be separately used by players to win mega-gains as the name suggests.

A player must know that only one winning combination is paid out per pay line. However, if a player hits more than one possible winning combination on a pay line, they are paid out the value of the highest combination only.

Launch yourself into the glamorous world of a virtual Hollywood Saga as you play on the Cinerama Slot Game while feeling like a super-celebrity!

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