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Fruit Machine

The popular fruit machine has many names and the most common online is slots.

Fruit Machine
In the UK, slots are generally referred to as fruit machines and this doesn’t mean that they all have to have fruit symbols on the reels. The best place to play fruit machines is online and this has been discovered by millions of players from all corners of the earth. Online casinos have to compete to get your valuable gaming so you’d better make sure to take advantage of the many bonuses and promotions they’ll offer to make you a customer.

How to play on Fruit Machines
In the lobby of an online casino you will usually find a very long list of fruit machines. If you have no previous experience of online fruit machines you should try a few rounds for free to begin with. The game will in most cases pop up as a separate window and you will see clearly where to mark your bet and where to spin the reels. Good online fruit machine also come with helpful links where the machine and its special features are explained thoroughly.

Online Fruit Machines
An online fruit machine can come with special features such as bonus games and an attractive jackpot. The reels and payline vary in amount but the most common is to play with 5 reels. You want to match the symbols on the 5 reels but if you play on a fruit machine with wilds and scatter symbols these can give you more opportunities to win. A bonus game can simply be more spins on the same machine or a different game where you search for hidden treasures or bet on the outcome of a race. New online fruit machines are constantly being developed and only imagination can put a stop to what a machine should include.

Play for Free
If you like to play on fruit machine but you feel that it is a bit scary to deal with real money online you should try to play for free. Most online fruit machines have a free version where you can learn the game and get to know the casino that is offering it. Don’t use free games as a measure for how good you are at fruit machine gambling. Free games are easier to win on and this gaming is based on luck so the result can never be predicted beforehand.

Win Money
Everyone wants to win money on online fruit machines and it isn’t impossible to do so. Each fruit machine has an individual jackpot that is set to a certain amount of coins. Depending on your bet level and what you win the total sum that is paid out will be determined. If you want to chase the real riches you should play on a fruit machine that is connected to a progressive jackpot. These machines are presented in the casino lobby so that you won’t miss which ones come with the million sized jackpots. Don’t forget to read the rules for the progressive jackpot so that you will be eligible for it if you get the winning combination on the reels.