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Fruit Mania Slot Game Review at Win Slots Online.Net

Fruit Mania Slot Game – coolest of the new technology slot games! Playtech Progressive slot machine game "Fruit Mania" review by Win Slots Online.Net

Fruit Mania Slot Machine Game

To start with, the Fruit Mania Slot Game is a very fun filled casino, with 5 payline slot machine and 5 reels. The slot machine offers progressive jackpot, bonus features and wild and scatter symbols. This Playtech game is equipped with coolest fruit themes, funky and at the same time smooth music and also amazingly bright graphics. Needless to say, the Fruit Mania Slot Game can award you with massive payouts in terms of bonuses and jackpots.

Key features of the Fruit Mania Slot Game

There are symbols like, oranges, cherries, grapes, lemons, suns, plums, strawberries, apple and cocktails. The massive progressive jackpot can be won if the player bets maximum per spin and hits five cherries on the fifth payline whereas the highest win in the base game, which is 5000 coins can be won if the player hits five cherries on an active playline.

Fruit Mania Slot Game Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is on the lower left part of the winning table, and this is a cocktail glass. If the player manages to hit on the screen, anywhere between 3 or more than 3 cocktail glasses, he can win anywhere between 5 to 500 coins (whether they are placed in any of the paylines or not, the win is there with the cocktail glasses). The total bet is multiplied by the scatter payout.

Key features of the Fruit Mania Slot Game Progressive Jackpot

The basis of the progressive jackpot in a Fruit Mania Slot Game is that from every player, playing the Fruit Mania Game in each of the several Playtech online casinos, a small percentage of each one's bet is added to a common pot. This percentage is only 1% of each bet.

It can be said that they create a kind of pool for the players to keep winning, thus, increasing the chances of winning as well. Not only this, a new pot each time ensures that everybody has an equal chance to win, and ensures there would always be money.

The player wins the progressive Jackpot, which has a minimum value of five thousand coins, when he gets 5 cherry symbols with maximum bet on the 5th payline. When a Progressive Jackpot is won, a new pot starts. This is done to ensure that even if somebody hits a Jackpot, the successive player who wins a Jackpot again still gets a handsome and fruity win.

Bonus Feature of the Fruit Mania Slot Game

To trigger a Fruit Mania's Bonus Game, a player has to get 3 or more sun symbols on an active playline, but starting from most left reel the sun symbols have to be consecutive. The player chooses from each of the 3 rows one fruit each. Therefore your choice of the fruit, determines the size of the amount the player wins.

The Fruit Mania Slot Game is altogether a great casino game not only because one has good chances to win here, but also because there is very little possibility of faults. I highly recommend it also because the Fruit Mania Slot Game provides the player with a chance to hit a huge jackpot by placing only a small bet.

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