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Gold Rally Slot Game Review at Win Slots Online.Net

Gold Rally Slot Game : As good as the mines! Playtech Progressive slot machine game "Gold Rally" review by Win Slots Online.Net

Gold Rally Slot Machine Game

The Gold Rally Slot Game is a machine that is accentuated with the total of 9 reels that spin to give you a combination of symbols. This game also has 8 pay lines, from which a player can form their winning combinations. The final combination of symbols is checked by the computer as soon as the reels stop moving.

The reels of the Gold Rally Slot Game 9-Reel machine spin separately from each of the other reels in contrast to the 3-Reel version of the same machine. To win a prize the player has to be successful in achieving a combination in either one of the three vertical or horizontal lines.

Some players can even hit rewards on diagonal lines. When pressing the button which reads "Single Line", a player will select the lines that he prefers to place his bets upon. A player also has the option of pressing the button which reads "all lines", thus being able to bet simultaneously on a Gold Rally Slot Game. In the case however that player changes his/her mind, he or she can deselect this option by merely clicking on the single line button, to deactivate the all lines choice.

Over here as well, only real money players are qualified to play on the Gold Rally Slot Game and the value is usually fixed and denominated in major currencies that are the $/R/£/€2.00. The maximum payout that can be won is the Progressive Jackpot with returns of $/£/€/R 10,000 or more.

A Gold Rally Slot Game player must remember that in the case they get a winning combination, they will only be paid for the pay lines that are enabled in the manner that we have mentioned before. Also, it is not necessary on this slot machine for the Dynamite and Scales symbols, to feature on one of the enabled pay lines in order to win.

While playing on the Gold Rally Slot Game, a player needs to bear that a percentage of each and every bet made will be going to increase the Progressive Jackpot pool. A player can find out what the size of the Progressive Jackpot presently is, by checking out the display on the scrollbar marked in red, which is found at the bottom of the machine.

A player wins the Progressive Jackpot by hitting on the screen, all the nine Scale scatter symbols, and he must do this in one round, and also on the greatest bet. Here, the scatter symbol is the Scales symbol and it does not need to appear in a line on an enabled pay line for a player to win. The Scale symbol can be spread all through the screen, and if you manage to get five Scale symbols or more, then you will win a prize that depends on the winnings table.

One can ascertain the winnings of the Scatter Win by multiplying the number that appears on the respective row of the scatter pay table with the total bet the player makes.

The Dynamite symbol on the Gold Rally Slot Game is the Bonus symbol and to trigger this lucky feature, a player must be able to reveal the Dynamite symbols in each of the four corners of the Gold Rally Slot Game simultaneously.

Thus, while playing the Gold Rally Slot Game, immerse yourself completely and you will find yourself literally walking on a Land-mine where the earnings shall be mind-shattering!

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