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Magic Slots Slot Game Review at Win Slots Online.Net

Magic Slots Slot Game : Abracadabra! Playtech Progressive slot machine game "Magic Slots" review by Win Slots Online.Net

Magic Slots Slot Machine Game

Among the many fun things to do while one kills time online is to play the Magic Slots Slot Game. In this game you will find a total of three reels, from which you will need to get the prize-winning combination. This game also has one payline. A player will have the ability to access a higher pay line, with each coin he inserts into the machine. The reels will spin and when these finally come to a stop, the reels will display a combination of symbols. This combination as well as the payline, is computer checked.

The Magic Slots Slot Game is a progressive game from the known and trusted company Playtech (read about ), which has a Bonus Feature and a Progressive Jackpot to boast of and thus, can only be played by Real Money players.

Since the machine accepts denominations such as $/£/€/R of 0.25 up to $/£/€/R 5.00 each denomination, this multi-coin feature enhances the availability of the Progressive Jackpot to all.

Now, it must be noted by a player that a certain percentage of every wager made by him/her playing the Magic Slots Slot Game goes to the Progressive Jackpot pool.

To ascertain the current size of the Progressive Jackpot, one may check the red scrollbar placed at the bottom of the machine, on which it would be displayed. Upon hitting the three highest-ranking symbols such as the Hat and Gloves along the pay line, wagering the maximum bet of 3-coins, players can win the Progressive Jackpot.

When the Progressive Jackpot resets on the Magic Slots Slot Game to a fixed minimum value, all worldwide players are notified and it begins to grow again, as players place their bets.

The Magic Slots slot game also has a cool Bonus Feature wherein you can select one of the four Hats and thus, receive a Bonus Prize depending on the selection you have made. In order to trigger this Bonus Feature, you can also collect three of the Wand symbols, wagering a maximum bet of 3-coins.

Now while playing on the Magic Slots Slot Game, a player can press wither the Increase or Decrease buttons, to increase or decrease the coin size they would want to bet. In addition to that, they will need to choose the number of coins they want to bet, by clicking the "Bet One" button. Pressing this button will increase the number of coins you want to bet by one unit. Clicking the "Bet Max" button on the other hand, will wager the highest amount of coins permissible and acceptable, and automatically spins the games reels.

Note: Total bet amount = the number of coins chosen multiplied by the selected coin size.

On the screen the player will also see a button that reads Spin. Pressing this button will start the reels spinning, and if they chance upon a winning combination, then you are a winner! The game is ended and as a winner you will be given the winning amount of money. This amount of money will depend on the Payout Schedule. If on the other hand the reels do not reveal a winning combination, then the game is over anyway and you may decide to try your luck once again.

The Magic Slots slot game is a magical experience you have to try for yourself! Play this great slot game at any playtech casino.

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