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Major Millions Slot Game Review at Win Slots Online.Net

Major Millions Slot Game: Sky-High Jackpots! MicroGaming Progressive slot machine game "Major Millions" review by Win Slots Online.Net

Major Millions Slot Machine Game

Among the many variations played on the World Wide Web, the Major Millions Slot Game continues to remain one of the most popularly played online casino, and highly rewarding games. This is mainly because it has one of the highest paying progressive jackpots in the Casino Gaming World and has even found on occasion, to handsomely reward a player with a jackpot of over an astonishing amount of $2,000,000, no exaggerations there.

For a player to qualify to win the progressive jackpot on a Major Millions Slot Game, he/she needs to know that they will have to bet a maximum of $3 per spin, because otherwise the top prize would only just be a slightly lesser amount of $50,000 which compared to that of a mighty splendid two million dollars, is not as fortunate. The greater the risk, the more money you win!

Note that the Major Millions slot machine game has 3 reels and 3 pay lines. Now, a player can activate one of the three pay lines through every bet that he/she makes. A player needs to remember that a progressive jackpot resets to an amount of $250,000 each time that it is hit, and therefore, one can always win a huge amount of money at their next try. This amount can sometimes even climb up to over staggering amounts of $500,000 and $1 million respectively as per the case.

A cool feature that holds is that many of the Major Millions Slot Game symbols on the machine act as wild symbols and also as multipliers. These wild symbols and multipliers are highly beneficial to players because they can then complete any winning combination at a much greater probability rate.

While a single Major Millions Slot Game symbol can double the pay-out of any combination that it completes, if you gain in on two of the Major Millions Slot Game symbols your pay-out can be quadrupled or multiplied by four! Thus, you could variably stake your chances of winning at a Major Millions Slot Game at a reasonably high range and win some serious hard cash.

A jackpot is ideally won when a player hits three of the Major Millions Slot Game symbols on the third pay line. A player can also however win a pretty fair amount of $25,000 for gaining three on the first pay line. When a player gains three on the second pay line, he/she can win a handsome amount of $50,000 as the case goes.

This is fast becoming a fairly fun and hugely-engaging way of making some stupendous amounts of hard cash and therefore, many players honestly don’t mind forfeiting more than just a dollar to play the Major Millions Slot Game, with the hope of redeeming worthy rewards. For these players, it is hardly that frivolous a dip in their pockets and ordinarily makes them aim for bigger gains.

So go ahead and trust yourself to reap higher cash-rewards with every $3 spin on a Major Millions Slot Game Machine that you shall make and luck shall certainly be with you!

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