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Tips to Play Slot Smartly

Many players play slot with an attitude of playing till their money lasts. They feel if they are fortunate, the money will last to play more. There is no doubt that they lose.

Indeed there is no certainty in gambling that you will always win. But with a careful and more scientific approach to play slots, there are great probabilities of winning. This kind of method of playing brings consistency not only in your play but in your habit of winning as well. The player who knows how to play slot smartly definitely has an upper hand. To improve your method to play slot, follow the following tips and see for yourself the transformation in your winning habit.

Pick your Slot Machine

There are better chances of winning in a slot machine that offers small jackpots. Thus, its always better to play slot that offer 98% or more return or payback. If you are not too good at the game, its recommended to always opt for such slots only.

Play Max Coins

Each coin you play slot with, you get paid off with a certain amount invariably. When you play with two coins, the payoff automatically gets doubled. Similarly with 3 coins the payoff triples and so on. But the jackpot is directly proportionate to the bonus levels. Play slots post checking what is the right scene. Check the payoff list present on the machine. Play at most 3 coins in case the jackpot pays 100 coins for the first, 2000 for the second coin but only 5000 coins for 3.

More is better

The return percentage is directly proportionate to the denomination levels of the machines. Thus, play slot at a machine with higher denomination.

Manage Your Money

Managing money plays a major role. the right division of money for 2-3 sessions is the first and foremost thing. If you blow everything in the first session only, it won’t be called the smart way to play slot. After every session, it’s important to check your credits. At the end of the session, if you could manage to increase the amount you invested, keep some aside and play with the rest on the same machine. However, if your amount has reduced, it’s better to change the machine.

Play the Carousels

Playing certified slot machines should be the priority. Otherwise, online slot machines that pay higher are the best option left.

Join the Club

If you join a casino as a slot club member, you always get a percentage of amount back. The cash rebate increases with the better casinos. If you want to play slot safe, the best thing to do is join such club.

Play at One Casino

Loyalty pays off well in the gaming world. Rebates are not all you would get from a club membership. Perks like free hotel rooms, free meal coupons, invitation to special events, free entry to slot tournaments, free gifts etc. is the benefit you get by playing slots at one casino.

Play in Tournaments

To play slot successfully, it becomes vital to play in tournaments which give you better exposure and better knowledge. Even the chances of making big money become prominent in tournaments.

Common Sense and Discipline

To play slot smartly you have to show some discipline in your method of playing and indeed common sense can sail you through many ups and downs.