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Safecracker Slot Game Review at Win Slots Online.Net

Safecracker Slot Game : Breaking the Virtual Law! Playtech Progressive slot machine game "Safecracker" review by Win Slots Online.Net

Safecracker Slot Machine Game

The PlayTech casino game-makers have done it yet again with the highly innovative creation of the Safecracker Slot Game, which includes a high-tech bank vault, drills, dynamite, crowbars, locks, keys and the works. The Safecracker slot game is a 3-reel with a 1-payline Vegas style machine. For every coin that a player inserts in the machine, it enables them to access a higher pay line.

The modern levers such as the scatters, wilds and bonus symbols that are usually found on the lower end of the machine are now replaced by the inclusion of a cool 20,000 coin award. With coin values ranging from 0.25 to 5.00, some huge prizes are up for grabs if you can efficiently manage to crack this safe open.

The theme of the Safecracker Slot Game encompasses iconic designs from piggy bank safes right up to gold-BARs, cash and pots of gold. The player needs to keep an eye out for the Safecracker Slot Game Pot of Gold symbol because if he/she can hit it three times in a row across the pay line, they could win the top award of 20,000 as per the maximum bet made of three coins.

Each denomination in the Safecracker Slot Game has its own Progressive Jackpot like $/£/€/R 0.25, $/£/€/R 0.50, $/£/€/R 1.00 and $/£/€/R 5.00. All Winnings here are paid out on the Safecracker Slot Game machine and thus, are dependent on the symbols displayed on the pay line, once the reels cease rolling.

The current value of the Progressive Jackpot can be ascertained as it is displayed at the top of the Safecracker Slot Game. Certain amounts of each bet that the players make when playing on the Safecracker Slot Game, goes to the Progressive Jackpot pool.

The Key symbol is the bonus symbol and to access the Safecracker Slot Game Bonus Feature game, you will need to wager a maximum bet of three coins. Once the minimum bet is made, and when the Key symbol appears on all three reels on the pay line, the Safecracker Slot Game Bonus Feature gets triggered.

Among other cool features to look out for while playing at this particular level, are the Deposit Boxes because the players can click on any of them to reveal Bonus Prize values.

Purely a case of guess-work and luck, even so three of these Deposit Boxes are alarmed and will end the Safecracker Slot Game Bonus Feature so the player needs to be careful. However, seven of the Deposit Boxes are on the other hand, safe to open and contain a random Bonus Prize value so may luck be with you!

When the Safecracker Slot Game Bonus Feature game is complete, the player is returned to the regular Safecracker slot machine game and your Bonus Prize will of course, be added to your win total.

A must-play for all Casino Lovers, the Safecracker Slot Game shall surely enliven your gaming experience further more!

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