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Wall Street Fever Slot Game Review at Win Slots Online.Net

One of the smartest games of high technology: Wall Street Fever Slot Game! Playtech Progressive slot machine game "Wall Street Fever" review by Win Slots Online.Net

Wall Street Fever Video Slot Machine Game

This progressive slot machine projects the busiest lifestyle of a stock trader on the Wall Street. The Wall Street Fever Slot Game is a very popular game, which not only offers a progressive and big jackpot, but also gives the player a chance to win up to 50 spins absolutely free as well as a bonus game. As the name suggests, this slot machine's story line is about the business life in Wall Street, and so all the symbols refer to this. The wild symbol and 36 odd winning combinations, makes the Wall Street Fever Slot Game a very fun slots game.

The Wall Street Fever Slot Game showcases symbols on the reels. These symbols are basically items that are symbolic of the extremely hectic day at Wall Street. For example, telephones ringing, mobile phones beeping, dollar signs, briefcases and wads of dollar bills.

Important Information on Jackpot in a Wall Street Fever Slot Game

  • Highest Score Ever: More than three hundred and one thousand dollars
  • Average Hit Score: Around eighty seven thousand dollars
  • Starting Score: One thousand and five hundred dollars

The average of every one and a half month pays out for progressive jackpot slot. The player needs just five Wall Street symbols to win the jackpot.

Wild Symbol:
The wild symbol is the Wall Street road sign. This symbol substitutes with any other symbol in winning combinations, adding to this, if the player gets 5 road side signs of Wall Street, he wins either progressive jackpot or 100,000 coins. While playing Wall Street Fever slot game, one has to keep in mind here that a jackpot can only be won if there is activation of all 5 paylines.

Bonus Feature of free spin

The player can win a free spin if anywhere on the reel, a total of 3 or more free spin symbols appear. Depending on the number of free spins that are appearing on the reels, while playing Wall Street Fever Slot Game, the decision is made on the number of free spins the player should get. The free spins can also be reactivated during the free spins.

Below is the table showing the symbols and the number of free spins:

  • 3 symbols of free spin – 5 free spins
  • 4 symbols of free spin – 15 free spins
  • 5 symbols of free spin – 50 free spins
Bonus Game

A bonus game gets triggered when if on an activated line, the player gets consecutively 3 or more zig-zag symbols.

Thus, Wall Street Fever online slot game is a game that offers all kinds of fun and entertainment features. The bonus point of the game is the free spins and bonus game a player can win while playing. Apart from all the nice things we have mentioned, one thing that each player has to keep in mind is the jackpot.

The jackpot of this game is quite easy to crack, when compared to other jackpots of other slot games you fund online. This fact and all the others that we have discussed, makes the Wall Street Fever Slot Game, a wonderful game for the casino lovers.

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